The Best Off-Road Vehicles


When people talk about cars, they are referring to the cars that they see daily on the highways. But do they know the difference between a car that is designed for city use apart from those that are used for off roads? The biggest giveaway there is the size, and off-road vehicles have wheels that raise up the body of the car to avoid hitting the floor when it runs on uneven terrains, like the rural areas that are good for fishing and camping. The bad thing about taking your family car to these places is that they are not friendly to such vehicles, which is why an off road vehicle is the best transport to bring with you. Not only are they good for such terrain, but usually they have good enough cargo space to keep in the equipment and other stuff that you want to carry with you.

If you don’t have any idea which off-road vehicle you should consider buying right now, here are a few recommendations from the list of the best off-road vehicles.

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

This vehicle is considered the gold standard when talking about 4×4 Jeep trucks. This is a very durable vehicle that it can smoothly be driven through rocks like how you drive it through city highways. The latest iteration of the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon comes with powerful features that are designed to enhance the vehicle. These features include the 4:1 transfer case of Dana 44 axles, sway bars that can be removed and the improved suspension. The current model, as of this writing, comes with heavy duty bumpers, rock rails on every side and tow hooks at the back and front in order to protect the body of the vehicle. This is a very tough truck that it even has a uniquely stylized took a kit that will help the owners remove the bumpers, roofs, and doors when needed. Not to mention the mods that can be made and accessories you can add for any adventure, such as LED Offroad Driving Lights and removable doors.

Nissan Xterra Pro-4X

If you see the Nissan Xterra Pro-4X, see it as a fortified SUV. This heavy duty truck is best positioned and equipped for the off-road journey. The vehicle itself is designed specifically for the dirt terrain; it comes with a package that will give the owners full control when on hill descent, including a hill start aid that will prevent the SUV from rolling backward when it is climbing up a very steep drive. This vehicle is equipped with the bigger all-terrain tires and the Bilstein shocks, this vehicle has only a couple of places it cannot go to. A hard exterior plating plus some massive suspension, this rug out the offerings the Xterra Pro-4X has. Experts see this as a vehicle that was meant to be driven into woods and then driven through the hillsides.

Ram Power Wagon

You may want to consider this vehicle if the performance of a Ram Heavy Duty truck is not enough. Look at this vehicle like a monster truck taken into a whole new, different level; amped up with a sway bar which disconnects just with the push of a button and a coil link suspension. Locking the rear and front differentials will help pull out this vehicle even when under the muddiest and harshest terrain.

Manimal Wrist Straps – American Crossfit

Welcome to American Benefits. If this is your first time here, note that we review the top american products in any fitness product category. Each post is educational on the company and its products so you can make a more informed decision and support american made goods.


This week, American Benefits looks at a great american crossfit company, Manimal Strong, and reviews their wrist straps. We chose Manimal because support for the American People is entrenched in their brand mission and has been from the very start. Founder and CEO George Corbo operates a brand that is proud and willing to support the USA, seen in his products and company initiatives. You can see that in his t-shirts, wrist wraps and the american charitable organizations behind every wrist wrap variation. All Manimal apparel is 100% american made. The fabrics are sourced nationally, prepared in Los Angeles and printed in Oregon supported dozens of people along the way.

Our research focused on crossfit wrist straps and finding a company that sells affordable products while still supporting american made. The wrist wrap category is heavily competitive, with big players like Rouge from the UK dominating the scene. In our search for a good american alternative, Manimal’s straps topped the list.

The affordability of the product was attractive to us from the start, with most wrist straps retailing for $35. Manimal is completely online based, but their products are more cost effective to ship for consumers than the other alternatives in the market. In addition, the curating staff here was deeply impressed with Manimal’s mission to support various charitable organizations depending on the type of wrist wrap purchased. Amongst those organizations on the list are American Youth and Veteran Support.

Lastly, american prosperity and pride is entrenched in every aspect of the brand down to their products. The old glory wrist strap is a perfect example, but the company’s mission is also evident in their apparel as well. To top it all off, Manimal supports American veterans with a great discount, and all purchases come with a free t-shirt so you can show off your Manimal pride!

The Importance of American Made


This website is dedicated to educating athletes on the top american athletic companies in order to entice them to support american businesses rather than sending their money overseas. At first glance, one might say that this is a foolish goal – that everything in the USA is expensive and unaffordable to both athletes and the general population. Handling those objections and providing alternatives is exactly why we starting the mission that has now become American Benefits. Our introductory post to the world will debunk a few points that we believe are overused by those that would rather have you shop more expensive international brands.

Buying International Is Cheaper

This argument against american made goods is the most widely used by far. And that is because it is often true. Products, especially athletic ones that can cost a lot, can be manufactured and assembled overseas much cheaper due to labor. That is why American Benefits seriously compares and researches every product category we recommend – when we post an american made product on our site, we are confident that it is affordable and competitive to the other brands you may be considering. We also look for companies that are local and easily found in most states, so that if they are marginally more expensive, their products are economically more desirable by saving you money on the shipping costs.

Buying American Made is Pointless

This one is harder for us to prove, but nonetheless, buying american made supports the american economy and ensures that the money that would have gone internationally is spent and allocated to resources in the United States, which is always positive to the economy.

At the end of the day though, American Benefits aims to be a great resource of products in general, and we hope that our curation helps you find the best product that fits your needs, and encourages you to shop american along the way.